Airbags and SRS Module Calibration

What we do

  • Let us come to you. We’ll trace the faults and rectify all your SRS and airbag needs.
  • Call us before you begin repairs and we will pre-scan your customer’s vehicle and let you know exactly what is required by the manufacturer to bring the vehicle back to pre-accident condition. We will help shorten your cycle time by ensuring that you are ordering all the needed items upfront and minimizing supplements on the backend of the repair process.
  • Using our network of well-trusted local vendors, we can supply and fit new and used airbags, pretensioners, and ECUs in the event that your facility does not have an account set up to purchase the needed items directly.
  • We have the ability to flash, recalibrate, and/or remove crash data on most makes and models of vehicles.
  • MAP will always run a post-scan showing that all SRS components are communicating and working correctly upon completion of repairs.


  • The Passenger Sensing System is designed to help reduce the potential for injuries or fatalities due to airbag inflation to smaller occupants, including children, who may be seated improperly in front of an air bag.
  • It is imperative that this system be re-calibrated any time a vehicle is involved in a collision where an airbag has been deployed, or any time that the passenger seat is removed.
  • It is important to note that some manufacturers, such as Honda, now require that the Passenger Presence System be checked for calibration on any vehicle that was involved in an accident, regardless of the severity of the accident. This is due to the fact that these systems may not display a dashboard warning light after a collision.
  • Most manufacturers require that the passenger seat be calibrated with certain specialty tools, and with a specific amount of weight present in the seat during calibration. MAP has the tools and specific weights needed to meet these standards.